The Importance Of Remote Sensing

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Generally, “Remote Sensing (RS) is the science of obtaining information about objects or areas from distance, typically from aircraft or satellites.” {} also, the remote sensing is the sensors that collect information by detecting the energy that is reflected from the Earth. Moreover, these sensors can be located on aircrafts and it can be satellites. Remote sensors divided into two types. One type is passive sensors and another type is active sensors. Passive sensors are the sensors that record radiation that is reflected from the Earth. For this reason, the passive radiation can collect data only during the daylight hours. On the other hand, the active sensors can use internal sensors to collect the Earth data. In agricultural
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These applications give timely information about crop process. For these applications farmers can see all problems in their fields for example irrigation in fields, processing and analyzing the data. {EBSCO}. Also with this application the farmers can improve crop yield, reduce cost, save the data from their field and as a result they do not have to make unnecessary investments. Also, the producers reduce environmental impact because it is very important for human life. Furthermore, another two ways that are very important are the crop management in order to maximize returns and another one is to crop management so as to maximize returns during harvest time. Also, an extra benefit is the timely identification of the crop type in order to have a healthy production. In addition, another benefit of remote sensing in these applications is comparability of data from oldest chronology. In this way, producers can see where production has been reduced or increased in comparison to the previous years. All of these ways are very important for a farmer because they know that their production is…show more content…
For precision agriculture there are many applications to assist in the production management. To achieve these, farmers should have a good knowledge in their job in order to have better results. Precision agriculture has benefited from innovations such as remote sensors that they took satellite images. Some of application which has precision agriculture is the remote sensing. These remote sensing divided in some types. These types have some advantages and disadvantages. One of the type is photographic sensor and another is non-photographic sensor. The photographic sensors have lower cost than the non-photographic sensors. Also, photographic sensor is easier to save the files because they have storage of the files. On the other hand, the non-photographic sensor is easier to usage than photographic sensor. Finally, the non-photographic sensor the files are digital

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