Remote Sensing Advantages And Disadvantages

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Generally, “Remote Sensing (RS) is the science of obtaining information about objects or areas from distance, typically from aircraft or satellites.” {} also, the remote sensing is the sensors that collect information by detecting the energy that is reflected from the Earth. Moreover, these sensors can be located on aircrafts and it can be satellites. Remote sensors divided into two types. One type is passive sensors and another type is active sensors. Passive sensors are the sensors that record radiation that is reflected from the Earth. For this reason, the passive radiation can collect data only during the daylight hours. On the other hand, the active sensors can use internal sensors to collect the Earth data. In agricultural sector the remote sensors are very important because the farmers can receive some data concerning their fields. This information related to remote sensing images. These images can show the cultivation of each individual farmer and for this reason, every farmer knows if its cultivation is healthy. The purpose of this assignments is to present the remote sensing and it will be described the potential application of Remote Sensors.

Benefits of Remote Sensing The remote sensing is very important in agriculture because all these
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The non-photographic sensors have the ability to directly record data in digitized form supporting more rapid data processing. Also, it is easier in usage than photographic sensors. Furthermore, this sensor has the ability to measure electromagnetic radiation in narrow bands simultaneously with the same optical system. Also, they have higher radiometric and spectral resolution than the photographic sensors. One more advantage is that non- photographic sensors are able to “find” the radiation from any objects that exist in the field through a wave length range. Finally, the data that are recording in electronic form they are easier to be

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