Remote Sensing Research Paper

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 GENERAL Disasters may be natural or manmade. A natural disaster like hurricanes earthquake, flood, tsunami, etc. It will occur and it is not possible to in case them. Their effect on human health and property perchance mitigated effectively if appropriate anticipatory measures based on Geospatial technology in a timely, coordinated manner is planned and implemented in each phase of operation like relief, rehabilitation, and reconstruction. The field of Remote Sensing is very wide, both in the data acquisition methods, data processing procedures (DP) and techniques and the applications it is used for; it is also a fast-developing field. Remote sensing is an innovation to recognize and comprehend the protest or…show more content…
Stages: 1.Source of EMR 2.Interaction of EMR 3.Interaction of EMR with ground objects. 4. Recording of EMR by Remote Sensing 5. Data transmission and reception 6. Data pre-processing and post- processing 7. Application of Remote…show more content…
A GIS software can handle both vector and raster data (some handle only one of them). Remote Sensing data supplement to the raster type, and usually, requires special data manipulation procedures that regular GIS do not offer. However, after a Remote Sensing analysis has been done, its results are usually combined within a GIS or into a database of an area, for further analysis (overlaying with other layers, etc.). In the last years, more and more vector capabilities are being added to Remote Sensing, software, and some Remote Sensing functions are inserted into GIS

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