Renaissance Art Analysis: Drunkenness Of Noah By Michelangelo

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The scenes Michelangelo painted on the Sistine Chapel are the embodiment of Renaissance art and the pinnacle of creativity of the time period. The many scenes on the ceiling are painted in the style of the classics which is indicative of the rediscovery going on around them. The paintings show the characteristics of the Renaissance that we talked about in class. The scenes of the Sistine Chapel are Renaissance art because the embodie the ideas and values of the Renaissance. In the Renaissance, one of the driving factors was individualism or focusing on ones self. Their are typically many individuals in the paintings and they paintings are meant to tell a story. The paintings don 't involve god as much as earlier paintings but the humans in the story. This is shown in the scene “Drunkenness of Noah”,…show more content…
The classical nude is a staple of many Renaissance works such as the one of Adam and Eve shown it class. Perhaps more important though, is the sense of realism, and attention payed to anatomical correctness, these are ideals that slowly reemerged during the Renaissance. King says that Michelangelo used models to get the correct anatomical correctness for the Fresco, this shows that the patron was willing to spend more money which is another Renaissance theme. In addition to the things portrayed, the way the art is painted is possibly the most defining characteristic of Renaissance art. Renaissance art is painted with very vibrant colors, King spends a great deal of time discussing the pigments for the colors, such as Aquamarine from Florace. Another characteristic is perspective, which is used notably in the painting “Noah and the Flood”. Perspective, like anatomical correctness, was something rediscovered in the 15th century from Greco-Roman works. The way the subtleties are painted is possibly the most Renaissance thing about the
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