Renaissance: Art And History Of The Harlem Renaissance

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Harlem renaissance:
The Harlem Renaissance was a cultural, social, artistic, literary movement in the 1920’ by the African Americans. During that time it was known as the New Negro Movement. Many artists, writers, dancers, musicians were emerged during this time. A new way of playing the piano called the Harlem Stride style was created during the Harlem Renaissance. They played the traditional jazz and blues music. Women wore clothes that were shorter in length. This movement redefined how America and the world viewed African-Americas not only culturally but also on the social aspect.
Art Deco:
Art Deco is a style of visual arts, architecture and design that became popular between 1920’s-1930’s. Art Deco had geometric shapes, clear and precise lines, and structures with metal or ceramic finish. They even had sculptures of the same. The bright colours and geometric shapes were typical Art Deco style.
At the beginning of the decade, films were silent and colorless. In 1922, the first all-color film, The Toll of the Sea, was released. In 1926, Warner Bros. released Don Juan, the first film with sound effects and music. In 1927, The Jazz Singer, the first sound film to include limited talking sequences was released. The public were crazy about movies and went to movie theatres a lot. In 1928, Lights of New York, the first all-talking feature film was released. In 1929 the first all-color, all-talking feature film, On with the Show came out. In 1928, the first

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