Renaissance Art Research Paper

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Throughout the ages there have been many different styles of artwork, from paintings to architecture. There are quite a few distinct pieces of art from time periods like the Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo. Some pieces of art, including paintings, sculptures and architecture, during these periods also incorporated scientific knowledge from which the time they were in.

There are some great contributions to the art world during the Renaissance period, like Galileo at Pisa. There had been a promotion of the study of anatomy and mathematics that made it's way into artistic perspectives. One example of this is Lodovico Cigoli's painting the Assumption of the Virgin, dated back to 1612. In this painting Cigoli, whom was a close friend of Galileo, took some discoveries that were taken from the telescope that was new to their time. There is perspectives of the moon, as if seen through the telescope, placed at the Virgin's feet. This science of the moon also had a deeper meaning through the artwork, as the moon was a symbol of purity. (Khan)

During the Baroque time period science had a great impact on artistic influence and perspective, shifting from …show more content…

Joseph Wright painted A Philosopher Giving a lecture at the Orrery, 1765, in which it depicts scientific experiments. Specifically, it is a given demonstration of an orrery, which is a model of our solar system that demonstrates how our planets move around our sun. What is depicted as the sun is a gas light, shown in the foreground in the painting by the mechanical clockwork arcs that were used as representations of the planets. This has to be the most amazing depiction of scientific innovation and art throughout the three eras given. This not only shows how far we have come in astronomy through paintings, but an actual mechanism of how our solar system works.

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