Renaissance Dbq Essay

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The Renaissance began in 1350 and lasted until around 1700. The Renaissance was a rebirth of man’s view of the world. More of the lower class became bankers and merchants, which required them to become literate. New inventions and ideas were being created. Many of those advances in art, literature, and science made the world more realistic and lighter for people. Art has been around for millennium, but it starts to become more realistic as the Renaissance progresses. In Document A, a painting by Duccio di Buoninsegna is shown. This religious painting was probably painted in respect to the Madonna, but it is unclear. In terms of art, it isn’t a very good piece of work even though it has religious meaning. Duccio di Buoninsegna probably did…show more content…
Before the Renaissance people viewed the world as God (and the Church) willed. In Document C, the drawing by Ptolemy is similar to Copernicus. In Ptolemy’s drawing he writes that the outer sphere is where Heaven, God, and the Elect are. The influence of the Church was very strong in 100 CE, so religion was incorporated in most places. In fact this man was probably employed by the Church to pursue his studies. Similarly, in Document D, the Zodiac Man by Johann Regiomontanus shows how little people had known. The zodiacs were related to religion and were believed to control different aspects of a human’s body/personality. As the Renaissance advanced; these findings were discarded and became more realistic. The Zodiac Man was no longer used. Anatomy books would use more detailed bodies, like the one by Andreas Vesalius in Document D. Copernicus drawing of the universe also was simplified from Ptolemy. Ptolemy’s universe included the location of the zodiacs and where God supposedly was. Copernicus did not add any religion into his universe drawing. He was probably a bit more independent from the Church than Ptolemy had been and was able to rely on math and observations to develop his theory. Science became better understand and advanced what people knew of the human body and the universe. Most people no longer thought that the zodiacs controlled the body. Scientists now understood that the body was made of
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