Renaissance Humanism

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The Renaissance was period of re-birth during the fourteenth to seventieth century where a shift in human existents took place forming what we know as the modern world. This era was defined as a period of rebirth because there was a revival of classical ideals and world-views. Views evolved from being directed towards religious thinking to humanist studies based on the world. The Renaissance directed a focus of ideas towards humans rather than divine forms. The values of humans and fulfilling their potential were emphasized. Humans were able to lead their own lives and create values of their own, not being led by godly figures. This change of thought and the view on the world impacted the culture which influenced art, literature, sciences, music, and various other aspects. Raphael’s The School of Athens reflects the values of humanism that were rebirthed during the Renaissance. Humanistic interests can be seen throughout the fresco in both the content and the style. Arble states that The School of Athens demonstrates “like classical statues or clear and distinct ideas, idealized portraits of Raphael 's contemporaries representing the major figures of classical wisdom and science” (School of Athens). The major figures of classical wisdom and science displays the discipline of philosophy because in the painting there were philosophers that are represented, such as Plato and Aristotle, who were valued by humanists during this era. Along with great philosophers and

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