Search For The New World In 1492 Essay

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In 1492, Spanish crown assigned Christopher Columbus to set sail and search for the New World. It was a major success for Spain during the time; however, it was not an easy success because Columbus thought that the path to asia is a short path, It was not though. Luckily, the trade went well with the New World, which later brings a major change to European lives. But to think back, why Europeans did not cross the Atlantic Ocean until the year of 1492? There is an answer to that. Because in 1492, after the war was over, Spain was badly injured and needed recovery, so they need to seek out for new trade routes to help cover up the cost after the war; plus before 1492, Spain’s navigation and ship systems was very poor that they can not travel anywhere far and safely. 1492 was the perfect year to search for the New World. First and foremost, in 1492, the Renaissance has brought a great improvement to Europe. Renaissance means “rebirth;” it was a time of creativity and changes in economic, political, and cultural in society. One of the most important changes that came with the Renaissance were improving in science, technology, and mathematics. Science and technology helped create better ships and other technology to be able to travel at…show more content…
The trading was known as a Columbian exchange which named after himself. Columbus brought many animals such as sheep, pig, and horse and cops like olive, banana, and peach to exchange, and even diseases. Back then, diseases such as smallpox, malaria, and typhus that Columbus and his crews brought over have killed the majority or Native American because they had never experience those diseases before, it was new to them. Moreover, in exchange, Columbus took cops like tomato, avocado, and potato back to Europe; those cops were new to the Europeans. Potato itself has changed the European lives a big
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