Renako Sharice Cooks Case Study

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This case involved Renako Sharice Cooks being a danger to herself and others. Cooks reportedly stated that she wanted to kill herself. Cooks would not respond to any questions asked by officers. She was transported to Kaiser Sunset Emergency Room (ER) where she was placed on a WIC 5150 hold.

On 12-23-15 at approximately 0810 hours, Officer Cass #2067 and I responded to 94 W. Mountain Street for a female, later identified as Renako Sharice Cooks, reportedly taking her mother’s vehicle, Rita Cooks without permission. Witness Rita Cooks telephoned and reported the incident to the police department.

Officer Cass and I arrived on scene and spoke with Rita Cooks who told us the following: Rita was driving her vehicle
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Rita has suggested that Renako seek psychological treatment, but she has refused to do so. We advised Rita to contact us when Renako returns home so that we can evaluate her psychological state of mind.

On 12-23-15 at about 1335 hours, Rita contacted the police department and advised that Renako returned home with the vehicle (1930 Lundy Avenue). Officer Cass and I responded to the residence and met with Witness Bobbie Little John and Renako.

Renako would not answer any of our questions and would not provide us her identification. Based on Rita’s statement that Renako wanted to kill herself, we decided to place her on a 72 hour psychological hold. Officer Cass and I took hold of Renako 's wrist and she began yelling, "This is my car!" and became irrational. Renako attempted to break free from our grip as she was being handcuffed. Renako stated, “I have a driver’s license and can drive any car. I had permission to take the car.” Officer Cass and I handcuffed Renako and placed her in our police unit. The handcuffs were double locked. Based on Renako 's irrational behavior, I activated the patrol unit’s camera system and recorded the
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