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As a society we judge others based upon social norms and cultures. In our lives, we encounter people from everywhere. Cultures are what make us unique from others. Our culture defines us as an individual and our background of who we will become. In the story Renard the Fox, Renard proves to others that the society cannot function without him. Without a leader, society will never function correctly, and everything will fall apart. Everyone is expected to contribute to today’s society and accomplish something in order to fulfill each other. Creating a functioning society is essential to having a maintained and balanced society. Renard the Fox illustrates that the role of having authority is important and ideal among creating a successful and…show more content…
One literary critic I chose to display my similarities and differences in the play is written by the Encyclopedia of Word Writer 's, Beginnings to 20th. The analysis begins by stating the characteristic of Renard saying that he is a “trickster”(Lodge 1). Indeed he is! Renard proves to everyone in the courtroom, and himself that he simply does not care about the future and only the present. The actions that have taken place are not easy to ignore. Sleeping with someone’s wife is not an ideal situation, and you cannot just ignore it. “As a fox, he uses trickery to get food, avenge himself, and defend himself against his enemies”(Lodge 1). I agree without a doubt that he did use his leadership role to take advantage of everyone and everything. In conclusion, Renard the Fox is a great story for others to see both sides of a person because you never really know about the person and/or animal. As a society we must really know about someone before we can bring them along with us and fight our battles. You cannot hide who you are but until someone pushes your buttons and brings out your weaknesses it will reveal who you really are. Renard is a great character used to represent this role because he is such an intelligent, perceiving and active character. He grabs the reader 's attention quickly, yet he hides his secrets deeply

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