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Strategy Adopted RENAULT KWID: A STRATEGY TO BEAT COMPETITION IN INDIA Renault entered India in 2005 with a joint venture with a Indian automotive company Mahindra & Mahindra. This joint venture didn’t stay long and Renault chooses to go alone. In 2008 Renault-Nissan alliance signed a MOU with Tamil Nadu government to set up an automotive manufacturing plant near Chennai. Renault invested approx USD 750 million in the plant to build a capacity of 480,000 units of cars annually. Renault commenced sales in May 2011 with the high end model Fluence sedan. Later on Renault launched other six models in next four years by 2015. All these seven models mostly covered all the segments of Indian market from initially covering high end sedan, then followed…show more content…
For a very long time Europe remained most strategic geographic location for Renault’s car market. Because of huge competitors and saturation in European car market, Renault find low growth in these geographies and to main its high growth prospects Renault required to move towards new fast growing markets. Thus BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) had thus become strategic geographies for the development of the group. Therefore in 2005 Renault entered India with a JV. Renaults Indian strategy was first to establish itself as a premium brands in the market with the first set of cars launched were Fluence & Koleos in mid 2011 and later extend this image to smaller and less expensive models. Model Fluence was a mid-sized sedan with a price of INR 13 lakh competing with Volkswagen Jetta, Honda Civic and Chevrolet Cruze. However model Koleos was a SUV with a price of INR 22 lakh and competing with high end SUV cars such as BMW X1 and the Honda…show more content…
However design of Kwid is inspired from the SUV, it will easily accepted by the people those have liking for the high end SUV’s. Renault group has a presence in 125 countries and sold 2,712,432 vehicles worldwide in 2014. As a result of this international strategy, Renault used to create cars which can cater to different regions. Kwid is one the such cars in the portfolio of Renaults which is strategically build close to Its market. Renault Kwid is build with the help of three design center around the world i.e design center in France, Korea and India. Renault group always take account of local parameters like Economic conditions of local customers, Road conditions, Product life expectancy, After sales service cost and facility and Environment conditions when designing and adapting its products to meet requirements. More than ever, the emerging young middle classes see mobility as a way to escape the constraints of the public transport system, gain a degree of freedom, display their social success and have a safe means of transport for their

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