Rend Collective: Song Analysis

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In a market full of worship music, Rend Collective continually step out on a limb with their folk style take on classic and original songs. In their latest album ___, we are again given a plethora of songs, styled for corporate worship or a feel-good soundtrack to your day.

Opening with “Celebrate,” we are given clear direction on where the album is headed, as the Irish band pull together a guitar driven tune that is literally styled for celebration. Filled with clapping, brass, and an energy we all crave on Monday mornings, it is a refreshing and well-executed opener.

“Free As A Bird” continued in this tone, and we are taken to the highlands with the banjo. Another song purely about worshipping God, it is filled with dynamics and builds in depths as the song continues, adding instruments and vocals as they sing, “Let
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“One and Only” follows, and brings the pace down to a more reflective atmosphere before it builds with electro beats at the end. The vocals command the song and really drive home the significance of the message.

“Joy of the Lord” is rich in percussion and has a powerhouse chorus, making scripture relevant and accessible in its lyrics. Emotive and powerful, “Never Walk Alone” initially builds before completely stripping down to vocals and simple backing. A heart felt song, the conviction and desperation in the lyrics matches the depth of the music.

Following on “With Your Royal Blood,” a moody bass line prompts a new take on the hymn “Nothing But The Blood.” Very cool and quirky, this will have you grooving with its soulful interpretation. “Just A Glimpse,” is evocative, and the notion that “just one glimpse of you,” is enough cuts through the music with the command in the

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