Rene Descartes Second Meditation Summary

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Rene Descartes Mediations, discusses a wide variety of topics such as the concept of God, Dualism, Deception through the senses and many more. In the Second Meditations, Descartes mentions the idea of sense perception and how we use it to understand the information we gain from our experiences. The passage selected will illustrate the idea behind sense perception and the mental processes we use to better understand it. In the passage mentioned above in the Second Meditation, Descartes concludes that sense perception is the root of thinking and other mental processes, such as understanding and doubting. The information we gain from experiencing the world around us originates from our senses. Our senses pick up and analyze the information which in turn allows us to better understand or doubt the information received. In conclusion, Descartes believes that sense perception is the root of thinking, doubting and understanding. Descartes, establishes his conclusion…show more content…
Descartes states that, many of the things that we imagine are not always real but our ability to imagine certain objects or scenarios are. This statement is confusing because if the objects we imagine are not real then our imagination would not be able to come up with these objects in the first place, which would result in our imagination being nonexistent. Our imagination draws on from the experiences we have around us to create new scenarios in our mind. Would that also bring about doubt in our ability to come up with certain scenarios in our mind? If it does then our mind is not as powerful as we thought, which makes it confusing since the mind being powerful enough too creates such images was one of the ideas throughout the
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