Rene Descartes Third Meditation Summary

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Analysis on 3rd meditation of Rene Descartes on Existence of God
In his third meditation, named “The existence of God”, Descartes proves that God exists and the only cause of God is our clear and distinct perception. In previous meditations Descartes proved that he is a thinking thing, he exists, but now he is still in doubt and is asked by questions like where his existence came from, where his ideas or thoughts came from, why they appear in his mind. The raising so many questions makes me think too as a reader and imbued in Descartes’ thinking. That 's why I chose this argument to clarify and explain the chain of his thoughts and how he came to the conclusion about the existence of God.
Before making any decisions about the existence of God, we must first determine where this idea of God came from and what we mean by it. It is important to identify
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The topic that is hidden behind existence of God is belief of people. As long as people believe in something, there is a chance that it is real. It is a common fact that all of the cultures have their own gods and believe that there is no entity that can be greater than God, positioning their God as the most perfect entity. By accepting and sharing existence of their God – we assume that he exists. It gives us an idea that things that we are imagining are true and real to some extent. In case if we apply Descartes’ model that is mentioned above on existence of God, we can come up with conclusion that God is real in humans’ minds, people clearly see him and the way he is, however there are might be objections because images in human’s mind are not always real but it does not prove that existence of God is false. The first question that comes to mind, is whether this statement is
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