Rene Magritte's Dangerous Liasons: Painting Analysis

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The frame. Frame is the visual presentation of focusing something in its border or a limited space. Framing can keep the viewer’s focus and direct the attention to its content on the framed objects. Rene Magritte is a Belgian artist born in 1898. He started his lesson in drawing in 1910. He has made several of works in his own style and one of the works is Dangerous Liasons in 1935. The form of this work is that it is oil on canvas painting with the size of 72 x 64cm. This painting was in the Surrealism movement.
The painting shows a naked woman holding a mirror in her hands and the mirror is turned towards the observer. It shows half of her body but the body shown in the mirror is reflected and seems like it’s in a different perspective. This
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It is an autobiographical work. The artist saw herself as a child and has created a child version of herself but separately from herself, as somebody she is interested in and has great affection for. “The little girl in the work is in the enclosure and unclear whether it is self-imprisonment or if she has been put up there. The artist thinks of it as an enclosed biosphere and a self-sustaining environment where she is providing the needs for her little companions, the mice, and they are keeping her company”. (Mona Blog, 2012). Looking at the process in making the sculpture, the artist had to find a girl that could emulates the body of herself as a child to be the model to create a silicone body except for the head because she sculpted the head freestyle from the photograph of herself as a child. “She uses a material called Aqua-resin for the silicone and has a silicone casting made by special-effects people from the film industry. The hair, eyelashes and the eyebrows is hand-punched manually just to get the right pigments”. (Mona Blog, 2012).
The Mice and Me has been interpreted in so many ways and perception. There are some that sees it as some dark artworks and some are seeing it in full of positive vibes. The work is often being related to the concept of Alice in Wonderland because the girl is wearing pretty clothes and being friend with mice or imaginary friends which happen to be the same concept with Alice
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