Renee Wilson's Essay In Defense Of The Igeneration

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This topic by Renee Wilson lifts the minds of a huge percentage of people who have read her essay and that of Gregory Levey. It is seen that when comparing both topics, there is a huge controversy. These two topics talk about their opinions on the changes noticed between two generations and its positive and negative outcomes and go ahead to state if they are for or against the impact of technology on students of this generation. These writers have once been teachers before and share diverse experiences. In Renee’s essay “In Defence of the iGeneration”, the title gives the reader a clear idea of what her essay entails. Though she agrees with Gregory on the fact that students these days pay more attention to social networking, she argues by disagreeing…show more content…
In addition, it clearly shows that she has an altruistic side because she tries her best in ensuring the well-being of her students by places herself in their shoes and understanding them. Also, she suggests several means of getting their attention without restricting them from using these social networks. Before attempting to do so, she opens about the need for self-actualization to achieve set goals. In addition, she says restrictions these kids are never the solution because she observed years later that teachers still face the same old problem. The belief she has in the iGeneration is perpetual and she terms them as the smart, brave, and skilled generation. In other words, she explains how they are so smart that they come up with unimaginable but impressive results with their technological skills. Odyssey points out that even though students develop technological skills, technology can have a serious negative impact on their social skills, and that this continuous attitude will cause so many young children to be introverted and dependent on technology. It also advises that things will be better if children learn to balance the use of technology and doing
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