Renewable Energy: The Negative Effects Of Fossil Fuels

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The burning of fossil fuels has many negative effects on the earth. Fossil fuels are formed from the remains of dead plants and animals (RelightNY). The combustion of fossil fuels releases a great amount of carbon dioxide into the air, daily. This contributes to global warming. The improper disposal of oil and garbage results in land, water, and air pollution. Renewable energy sources occur naturally and are inexhaustible. They do not originate from fossil or nuclear fuels which make them the ideal solution for the preservation. Only a small percentage of the energy used is supplied by renewable sources. Types of renewable energy sources include wind, wave, solar, tidal, and hydroelectric power. The use of renewable energy sources should…show more content…
During their research, Delucchi and Jacobson stated, “The private costs of generating wind power, geothermal power, and hydropower are less than the costs of conventional fossil-fuel power.” High power bills are always a concern in The Bahamas. By utilizing renewable energy sources, and installing solar panels and windmills, Bahamians will be able to provide energy without the fear of a high power bill at the end of the month. Reducing the use of carbon emissions is often perceived as costly but it has been proven to be quite profitable. Saving and reusing fuel costs less than buying the fuel. In 2009, McKinsey & Company concluded that greenhouse gas emissions could be cut by 70 percent in 16 years at an average cost of $6 per metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent. “Including newer technologies and integrative designs is a cheaper way to save even more” (Lovins, A. B.,…show more content…
The ozone layer is being destroyed because of the excessive emissions of carbon dioxide. Renewable energy sources will lessen the demand for fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are not only used to supply energy to heat our homes. “[The oils] are also used to make medicines, cosmetics, plastics, synthetic fabrics, and lubricants” (NMoga). If renewable energy resources are not utilized soon, future generations will not have the raw materials needed to manufacture products other than energy. It has been proven that providing energy using solar panels and windmills are cheaper in the long run. Oil can be reused to provide energy and garbage can be heated to produce the steam need to power a whole city. Renewable energy sources should be considered on a larger scale because the greenhouse gases are destroying the ozone layer, power bills will be lower, and renewable resources are just as, if not more effective than traditional methods of generating

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