Renewable Scholarship Benefits

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Most schools prepare students for college during middle school and high school, then again some wait until last minute and end up in a huge panic. Certain people are expected to go to college and some make the choice right away and some wait a year. Many go and some choose not to, but when it comes to college, it’s a huge topic in a senior’s life! We have to apply, write papers for scholarships, then cross our fingers and pray to get an acceptance letter or email, and pray we don’t see the words “denied” or “We’re sorry to inform you…”. As I said, not everyone goes to college but my sister decided to go because she wanted a better future for her and her son.
In March of 2010, my sister Paige found out she was pregnant. Because of this she had to take a year off. When my nephew was born Paige attended Miller Motte Technical College and studied to be a nurse’s assistant. She found this was the right place for her because she loves helping people within the community. This is probably why I am going to choose the same
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Depending on where you apply at, determines where you are able to use your scholarship at. Only some colleges require that you use that scholarship for expenses billed by that specific college. A renewable scholarship will help pay for whatever major or classes you want to go into for four years. I believe that is amazing. Not a lot of scholarships can last that long. There is only one catch with these types of scholarships, you have to keep a good GPA, along with following specific majors, and careers. With getting a scholarship worth a lot, I would find the majors I want to do in the next three-four years. For when I go to college and study what I planned my senior year of high school, may be different when I am in a freshman in college. Changing my majors is good but you want to make sure you do it as soon as you can because the minute you start your majors you are using up money and
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