Renica Williams Letter To Egypt

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Dear people of Egypt, I Danica Williams am writing this letter to you all in order to justify myself as a leader, as well as to talk about my journey to the afterlife, and give direction for my burial.

First and foremost I am Danica Williams, daughter of Nefertiti. I believe myself to be destined to become the next great ruler of Egypt due to my great heritage and bloodline. It should be well known by now that my mother did amazing things for this kingdom in her short 30 year life. She was the wife of Akhenaton who is famous for the changes he made during his rule over Egypt. Even so, many people don 't know that my mother was the true power behind the throne. Her political importance is evident in carvings made of her accompanying the king
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It is an amazing and wondrous place that is similar to our own kingdom. There I will hopefully pass the final judgment in order to be identified as the next ruler of Osiris ' Kingdom. The journey to the Field of Reeds will be the very dangerous, I must pass through the 21 gates guarded by demons. In order to do this I will have to know the demons names, so I am instructing that the names of these demons be buried with me in the Book of the Dead. Once passing through the gates I should reach the hall of Osiris. There I will have my heart weighed against the feather of Maat in the presence of Osiris and the 42 judges of the afterlife. All 42 judges will then ask me questions. I am instructing that the answers to the questions be written inside my tomb. If I am able to pass the final judgment I will be able to ascend into the land of Osiris and my journey will be complete. However, if I do not pass I will be sent to the place of destruction. In this place I will face being mauled to death by the Devourer of Souls, the beast god Ammit for all eternity. Lastly, I request to be buried with shawabti-figures to do work for me in the
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