Rennie In John Steinbeck's Close To The Heel

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In pages 205 to 208 in the novel Close to the Heel the only character involved is Rennie. It takes place after a day of slogging through the snow after he was dumped in the uninhabited part of Iceland there by Einar, at the moment he is lying down in the snow too exhausted to get back up and keep moving anymore. These three pages all take place in his head and is what he is mentally thinking. The reason why I choose these passages in the novel is because it shows Rennie’s thoughts, feelings and his overall true identity. First and foremost, Rennie has built a dam around his thoughts and feelings, but then again dams aren’t built to stand forever, eventually water will always find a way to break through. On page 205 there is a passage that…show more content…
That would be nice.” This shows how Rennie has subdued his thoughts and feelings toward his mother for an extended period of time and that in what he thinks are his last moments all he wishes for is to remember his mother in her finest moments. The author included this passage in the novel because it show the impact Rennie’s mother had on him. In his final moments he didn’t panic he didn't fear the thought of death, he only thought about his beloved mother. This proves that even though Rennie hasn't thought about her for about a year she is always there with him every step of the way. Lastly, even though Rennie would never admit it out loud, but Major is a serious influence in Rennies life, both good and bad. Rennie has always dismissed the idea of ever learning anything from Major, but really Major has taught Rennie many things that his mother would never have been able to do. He has taught Rennie that there are two choices in life, no cheating, you can either get through it the hard and right way or you can stay down, there are no shortcuts. This is like “Do or don't do. Make your choice. Lie down or stand up. Stay where you are or keep
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