Renters Insurance Case Answers

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Student Answer: 1. Replacement Cost: If you have a two year-old laptop that gets damaged beyond repair in an apartment fire, you’ll need to replace it. While some companies may only give you what the laptop would be worth (which is not a lot if it’s two years old) a renters insurance policy with replacement cost coverage can help you replace the damaged laptop.2. Liability: Not all renters insurance policies include liability protection however, this is an important feature you probably won’t want to skip. For example, if someone slips and falls in your apartment and ends up seriously injured, they could hold you accountable and sue you. Renters insurance will protect you from the financial burden of liability risks.3. Worldwide Coverage: Some days, does it feel like you live out of your car and all your belongings are in there?…show more content…
If you suffer a loss of property outside your home, your renters plan with worldwide coverage may help protect you from the cost of replacing your belongings. Be sure to check your policy for any limitations that may come with this coverage.4. Low Deductible: Looking to save some money on your plan? Many renters insurance policies feature a low deductible, so be sure to look for a policy that has one. When filing a claim for personal property, you won’t want to file against a high deductible.Renters insurance can help protect you from heavy replacement costs and renters should put serious consideration into finding a policy that’s right for them. Do your research and speak with an agent to find a renters insurance plan that is right for
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