Reoccurring Themes In Sherman Olney's 'Freak'

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“Freak” is the word used to describe Sherman Olney and his strange abilities to “fix” any problem he’s tasked with fixing. In fact, it’s the only uniquely defining characteristic giving to his character. Olney’s abilities come at cost to himself and this is evident when Douglas Langley questions if Olney is happy to use his abilities and why Olney “never smiles” when he is using it. Olney’s miraculous abilities places him in the role of a selfless martyr who sacrifices his happiness in order to please the needs of other characters. This trait is truly freakish and abnormal when compared to characters, as he’s always the one giving and is never caught receiving. His selflessness is a reoccurring theme in the short story, and it’s in sharp contrast
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