Reoccurring Themes In Stephen King's Writing

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Stephen King, an American author of horror and science fiction, started his writing, and love for horror at a young age. Around the age four, King would listen to a radio adaptation of Science fiction, and he was intrigued by them which inspired him to read science fiction, and horror magazines. Growing up as a kid, King was the odd one out, he was bullied and picked on for being overweight and ugly, which led him to believe he was an outsider. Being an outsider allowed him the bases of most of his books that he writes, an example is Carrie, which is about a girl who is bullied because of her lack of wardrobe and appearance. Stephen, being a kid with a big imagination, had a nightmare around the age 5-6 of a body dangling from the arm of a scaffold on a hill, and…show more content…
Through out King's writing he had very similar reoccurring themes, most of them are about children against monsters, which the monsters symbolizes the evils of the outside world. An example is, education systems who only support or show off certain kids, or abusive parents, or troubled children with a troubled life, or innocence being destroyed. An example of this is shown in his novel Carrie, a girl living with abuse from her mother and was bullied at school which led her to kill her mother, and almost everyone in her class. An example of children losing innocence is shown in one of Kings famous novels It which is about a bunch of kids who weren't very popular and were haunted by a clown and they drive the clown, named Pennywise, away then he later returns when they are adults and they are forced to kill Pennywise. When Stephen was younger, he always felt like the underdog and didn't fit in very well because of his size and appearance. Taking his insecurities and his childhood, King often makes the main character or characters in his book the underdog or the outcast. Doing this gives the reader perspective of what it is like to feel like an outcast and why they respond and act out the way
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