Repair Robot Research Paper

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In a far distant future, Earth was inhabited by robots. There were less than a thousand human beings. There were three main classes of robots - Construction, Transport and Repair robots. This is a story of a special repair robot. He was small, new, yellow and unusually curious. 2 "I want this car ready in the next half an hour," said the blue transport robot called T-73 to the small yellow repair robot, R-98. "As per your request," replied R-98 while welding together two 5 metal plates. In this big city there were a lot of vehicles and R-98 used to look at the cars that were passing by him. Suddenly a special fancy car came by escorted by 4 special blue robots on motorbikes. R-98 looked at them and asked T-73 with great curiosity: "What is that?"…show more content…
"This is not a Construction robot, not a Transport robot, not a Repair robot, it is a HUMAN," 10 answered the transport robot to the small yellow robot. R-98 was very surprised as it had never seen a human. The human stepped out of the vehicle surrounded by the four escort robots. The human looked a bit small in comparison to the robots. "What a wimp!" said R-98, after his first look. 4 "Don't underestimate the humans; they are superior to us robots. They are able to perform any action they want to. They can give orders to robots, destroy them or construct new ones. They 15 are even able to harm another human being or organise mass destruction, which they have been doing a lot. Also they do not even have to follow orders if they don't want to, "said the Transport robot quietly to R-98. 5 "What a dangerous thing! I can only repair cars," said R-98. T-73 said that if robots tried to harm humans, they can order others to blow up their circuits. The human started to walk in the 20 direction to the repair sector. "Look how it walks!" It is not fully straight like a robot," said
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