Reparations For African Americans Essay

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America has a wrongful history where Whites created slavery to enslave people of color. They have also mentally and physically abuse Blacks as resulted for them to fear for their lives on a daily basis. The government as well made sure they excluded Blacks from prospering within America. Families of color have to struggle due to unfair opportunities that they are not afforded economically. Therefore, reparations are owed to African Americans. Others presume that reparations will damage the economy as America will be fully in debt, and cause havoc for both races. Reparations would fully mend the economic gap for African Americans because Blacks haves suffered from a lack of opportunities, income inequality, and gentrification.
Wealth plays an important factor with in society. It creates a positive outcome for which a family
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However, wealth is inherited and relates to property. Sadly, there is a huge number of black families that are in debt. In the article, “Reparations Would Help Close Wealth Gap in America” by Eric Cooper, Cooper gives facts from Pews Research Center stating that Blacks are not able to earn wealth than whites. “Approximately 35 percent of African American households have a zero or negative net worth, according to Pew. A few months…show more content…
The government takes advantage of poor communities. In the article, “Reparations Are Owed” by Jamelle Bouie. Bouie expresses ways that reparations can used when dealing with property for Blacks. The government and whites raise property high so that Blacks cannot buy property. “Indeed, the same federal dollars that built the suburbs were used to keep blacks out of them” (Bouie 2). This shows that the federal government has always been racist towards African Americans. By creating program like they fund military veterans, they are able to pay and help Blacks regain their property
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