Essay On Reading Competency

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Reading competence emphasizes the ability to process text and derive meaning and understanding swiftly and automatically. As illustrated by Byrnes and Wasik (2009), attaining reading skills requires learners to utilize their knowledge of the alphabet and sounds. Reading instruction aims to foster comprehension and promote fluency, enabling learners to read and understand text fast, accurately, and effortlessly. Reading literacy for young children in Kindergarten to Grade 3 is of great importance as it forms a critical foundation for their future academic and professional success. These learners are in different points of learning to read, and include emergent, early and fluent readers (Byrnes & Wasik, 2009). Emergent readers at kindergarten…show more content…
The teacher incorporates techniques, such as using voice intonations for various characters in the story, thinking aloud, and using hand and facial gestures to captivate the learners’ attention. Readers follow along as the story progresses. Overall, storytelling presents learners with the opportunity to improve their vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. Repeated Reading Strategy Cunningham and Allington (2015) identify repeated reading as an effective way to foster reading fluency. It involves reading a text repeatedly until the learner reads without making errors. Repeated reading is a credible strategy for reading instruction because it guarantees that readers grasp the content. Readers improve their reading speeds, develop sight word vocabulary and gain confidence in their reading abilities. In classroom instruction, the teacher selects a short passage and reads it out loud several times as the learners pay attention. The teacher takes time to explain the passage, providing a purpose for reading. Next, the teacher reads a line from the passage and learners echo back by reading the same line. They proceed to read the passage repeatedly until they can do so accurately. Repeated reading can be done with the whole class or readers can be paired to read to each
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