Repects Of Restaurant Observation In KFC

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Observation from KFC: Kentucky Fried Chicken is a worldwide famous food chain restaurant. The restaurant is renowned especially for fried chicken. There are many KFC restaurants in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand. I conducted the observation at the KFC, based on the second floor of Tesco Lotus Salaya in Nakhon Pathom. Tesco is a huge shopping mall where all kinds of daily needs, cloths, accessories, groceries, electronic items, etc. are available. The observation was conducted during the evening between 5 pm and 7 pm on October 20, 2016. The square-shaped restaurant is well-decorated with different forms of chairs. The room has three sides, which includes the entrance for cash counter and food order, the space for seating inside the restaurant and the ice cream parlour. The restaurant is covered by a close circuit camera and it is centrally air conditioned. The walls of the restaurant are made of transparent glass; everyone can enjoy the outer side view by sitting at the restaurant. The people who came after shopping keep their trolley outside of the restaurant, and the transparent glass makes it easier for them to keep close eyes on their goods. Inside the restaurant there is a space for hand wash. However, there is no restroom in the restaurant. Perhaps, the reason is that the toilet of the shopping mall is adjacent to the restaurant. For easy access of cash there are three ATM booths, situated on the opposite sides of the main entrance of the restaurant. The seating

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