Stefan And Magnificent Character Analysis

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Exploration of how Maleficent Illustrates the Different Repercussions of One Character’s Actions The movie Maleficent tells the story of Sleeping Beauty from the perspective of Maleficent the fairy. In the beginning, the character Stefan is introduced and turns out to be the villain in the end, due to his actions. He made specific decisions, which seemed to be for the greater good at that time, but comes back to ruin him. The decisions were repercussions for Stefan’s actions that ruined people’s lives. Specifically his, Maleficent’s, and Aurora’s life. Stefan and Maleficent begin in the movie as lovers, but later on, Stefan’s desires take over and because of his desire to be king, he cuts off Maleficent’s wings to prove that he should be king. Though to Stefan it seemed the right thing to do at the time, it infuriated Maleficent. All Stefan wanted in life was to be King. Because the King wanted to kill Maleficent, the next best thing was to take her wings. So Stefan cuts off her wings in hopes that this will make him king. To his advantage, it does but then Maleficent turns dark. Her clothes turn to black and she uprose a wall of thorns, shutting the world away. This causes her to place a curse on Aurora - Stefan’s child. Because of the curse, three things happened. First, Stefan was forced to send Aurora away to keep her safe from the curse which…show more content…
She’ll send food to her through her servant Diavall and in the movie, you can slowly see her walls breaking down through the way she begins to act. Maleficent doesn’t stay as dark as she used to be because of Aurora’s whole aura and happiness that rubs off on Maleficent, changing her for the better. Which is why she is the one to lift the curse off Aurora - thus making her the hero once again. Because she was kind again and how she used to be, though Stefan’s heart is still evil, she doesn’t kill

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