Possible Replacement Behavior: Case Study

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Describe in specific and observable terms. Prioritize 2-3, if more than one.
Jason becomes disruptive with teachers and misbehaves (i.e. screams, throws items, kicks, and hits) when he does not want to do daily assigned classwork. At times, he becomes very aggressive when it is time to transition from one task to another. In addition, he acts out aggressively towards his peers when he feels frustrated or has a disagreement with one of them. He will hit, shove, and throw items at them.
Jason was told to put his reading book away so that he can get ready for lunch. He became angry and did not want to put the book away. First, he began to say “no” then his behavior progressed into him throwing the book and yelling and screaming as loud as he
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He will help manage a positive behavior rewards program where he will earn valuable opportunities to go on the computer for extra time or work as a classroom helper.
Possible Replacement Behavior(s):
Jason will use correct language and tone to express himself. He will learn to restrain himself to prevent aggressive behavior such as hitting and kicking. He will keep his hands and feet to himself. He will use proper classroom etiquette such as raising his hand when he wishes to speak. Jason will be given positive attention when he has accomplished a task.
Summary/Hypothesis Statement:
Jason will be closely monitored by school staff. He will be provided with a support staff member (i.e. male teacher who will be his in-school mentor), his assigned guidance counselor, as well as his grade level principal who will be available outside of his classroom. He may request time for support from any of these individuals who will help him work through any issues that he may have. Both of his parents have agreed to be available through phone and text during the day to provide any additional support to school staff if

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