Report To Wordsworth Analysis

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Compare how the destruction of nature is presented in the texts “Lament” and “Report to Wordsworth”

The poems “Lament” by Gillian Clarke and “Report to Wordsworth” by Boey Kim Cheng both present the destruction of nature through a multitude of techniques and features. Lament is a poem that presents the catastrophic effects of the Gulf War. The Gulf War has affected various things, namely the environment and ecosystems. Report to Wordsworth is a text written as a report to the man “William Wordsworth” about nature being destroyed by humans, and their indifference towards this. While the message of these poems are very similar, they present the destruction of nature in drastically different ways.

Boey Kim Cheng portrays the destruction of nature in the poem Report to Wordsworth by creating a sense of urgency through the use of personification and idioms. This is shown particularly in the first lines of the poem, in the quote “You should be here, Nature has need of you”. The word “You” most likely refers to the reader. This creates a link between the reader and the text, which makes the text feel more engaging and personal. Furthermore, “Nature” is described with a capital N, which personifies it as nature is treated as a noun. This emphasises the importance
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This is presented in the seventh stanza, specifically in the quotes “Burnt earth”, “Scalded ocean”, “Blazing well” and “Sun put out”. The words burnt, scalded and blazing place emphasis on the feeling of intense heat, one of the key aspects that are essential in the destruction of nature. In addition to this, the quote “Sun put out” represents the end of nature, and how there will no longer be any peace, beauty and happiness in the world. This links back to the destruction of nature as it describes how nature is being destroyed, as well as the ending of
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