'Report To Wordsworth And Before The World Intruded'

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In the profound poems “Lament” by Gillian Clarke, “Report to Wordsworth” by Boey Kim Cheng, and “Before the World Intruded” by Michele Rosenthal, the theme of nostalgia is explored through unique stories. Initially, the poem, “Lament” describes the horrible scenes that occurred during the Gulf War, the poem “Report to Wordsworth” is written as a report to Wordsworth, who greatly appreciated nature during the industrial revolution where he defended it, which as a result urges humans to feel empathy for nature due to all the horrible things humans do to it, while on the other hand the poem “Before the World Intruded” introduces the life of a grown-up who misses their infant years and wants to return back to what they define as the golden age…show more content…
Primarily, in the poem, “Lament”, the words “loss”, “death”, “sickness”, “funeral” “dying”, “burden”, and “burnt” are all a connotation of loss, death, and regret. Through this diction, the author sends a message to the reader describing the horrible incidents that have happened in the Gulf War. For example, the word “sickness” has a greater meaning of how the Gulf War infected the homes of the animals causing great damage to creatures living in Kuwait. To add, words like “funeral”, “dying, “loss”, and burden” all describe all the horrible deaths that were caused due to the Gulf War. Furthermore, in the poem, “Report to Wordsworth”, the words “mute”, “fail”, “dying”, “cry”, “sunk”, “slowing”, “wound”, “waste, “dump”, “few”, and “entombed” all give a connotation to something dying off, which in this case is nature. Words such as “waste”, and “dump” depict nature as being trashed by humans causing damage to it. To add, the words “sunk”, “fail”, and “cry” all portray that due to the trashing of nature by all the pollution, nature is becoming weaker and weaker as people start regretting what they have done to it and thus make their last cry. Finally, in the poem “Before the World Intruded”, the authors uses words such as “was”, “return”, “transport”, “dreams”, and “ideas” to express her sorrow and regret for becoming a child. She utilizes the past tense to…show more content…
However, the most significant allusion is when the author states,
“God is laboring to utter his last cry”
(Line 14). This ultimately shows how the most powerful being is uttering his last cry due to all the damage caused by the humans and intends to restart a new world where nature would be treated with more respect. Moving on, the author uses the simile,
“A sky slowing like a dying clock”
, comparing how nature is ending, and that the end is approaching as the final hours of nature approach everyday as the humans continue to harm it (Line 4). Finally, in the poem, “Before the World Intruded”, Rosenthal uses metaphors in order to describe the liveliness of being an infant. Firstly, Rosenthal displays how bright ideas were when she was an infant by stating,
“Before I woke from sleep/ when ideas were oceans crashing”
(Lines 2-3). This shows how alive she used to be as her ideas were endless compared to the life she carries now where everything is dull. Furthermore, she continues by comparing her dreams

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