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America has been seen as a symbolic representation for optimism and pride since the beginning, and is now prospered up the social and political ladder as a nation. Because of our successes in political and government processes, our democratic nation is seen as a goal for many countries. (during the ___ something was spreading throughout America, and that was) The American Dream; this was the idea that people could become anything of themselves and believed that through hard work and dedication nothing could stand in the way of their success and ambitions. But before this the notion of the American Dream, America had to began somewhere, and that was in a room full of delegates at the Philadelphia Convention on February 21, 1787 (archives). These…show more content…
During this time, delegates from particularly larger states, such as Virgin with a population of ____ during the ____, though it unjust for each state to have equal amount of votes, and thought that the votes should be divided based upon population size, having more populated states more represented. Thus, resolving less populous states with less say (fraser). In objection, smaller states, such as New Jersey with a population size of _____ during _______, believed that they joined the convention to have an equal contribution (fraser). Although Pennsylvania originally had a population of ___, it soon became one of the most thriving colonies (fraser). Because of the exponential growth of population from the influx of immigrants, political policies and standing points have consistently changed with the growing populous. Penn had a fair representation of their population, having the most delegates within the convention. One of the most famous delegates from Pennsylvania was Benjamin Franklin, who was and is the primary example of self-invention. Started on the streets of Boston and the tenth son of a soap and candlemaker, he became one of the most successful and influential government innovators of his time

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