Representation In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Lord of The Flies Representation
Have you ever seen a beast? In the Lord of The Flies by William Golding, some schoolboys are caught on an island with a supposed beast. “The Meaning of The Beast” by James Baker helps to discover very important topics that are stated in his review. Bakers states that Simon is a saint and the symbolism of the beast is represented in Golding’s novel.
Golding expresses that Simon, one of the schoolboys, is a saintly figure because of all the good that he does throughout the novel. However, just like any other saint, no one really believes him and his sayings, “Simon, the sainty one, is blessed and cursed by those unique intuitions which threaten the ritual of the tribe. In whatever culture he appears, the saint
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The beast is something that all the schoolboys fear because they have a horrible image about it, “Something big and horrid” (Golding 85) but because they are too afraid to face it so they just jump to conclusions about it. Whenever the boys do something evil, their fear grows for the beast because they subconsciously know that they should not be doing those evil deeds. Sense there are no adults to tell the children what they are doing is wrong, they think that they can get away with everything, “The hunt on Golding’s island emerges spontaneously out of childish play, but it comes to serve as a key to the psychology underlying adult conflicts and, of course, as an effective symbol for the bloody game we have played throughout our history,” (Baker 81) everything has a consequence, even if they do not realize it at first. Everyone has their own beast but it comes out especially in children because they are still learning good from bad, “The Rebirth of evil is made certain by the Fatal defects inherit and human nature, and the human Island we occupy must always be a fortress on which enchanted hunters pursue the beast,” (Baker 82) and sometimes we just need to get over our fear to see real
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