Representation In The Wonder Woman

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Representation within media is a powerful thing and the viewpoint often differs with context, such as the gender of the storytellers and the time period in which a piece was written and/or published. William Moulton Marston, the mind behind iconic female superhero Wonder Woman (DC Comics), has once described a need for a new type of woman in comics. He found there was a need for one that defied the weaknesses we usually prescribe to females in general, stating that the female archetype lacks the force, strength, and power needed to make girls want to identify with female characters (American Scholar, 1943). Even then, his heroine could be described as modest and peace-loving, two characteristics he himself described as belonging to the aforementioned…show more content…
We have already seen Tony with a big, ominous shadow behind him while Mary yells at him in the first panel of the second tier. Here, he is still seen trying offering her more money, which as we know she refused. In the second panel of the second tier, Tony goes straight from sweet talking Mary to outright threatening her. The panel zooms in on Tony manhandling Mary, going as far as to let her hat fall off to show the force behind it and to show us a thick light outline of movement on a black background. Furthermore, Tony now becomes verbally abusive, calling Mary a “dumb sap”, yelling at her (“Peddling dope!!”) and punctuating it all with the at least condescending and otherwise insulting nickname “toots”, often used for prostitutes (, last checked: 12/10/2014). The next panel zooms in further, clearly showing us Mary’s distressed face. Again, her speech bubble leaves the walls of the panel, breaking into the gutter and into our world, only this time it communicates her extreme distress by being spiked. She is looking right at us. Maybe we are supposed to identify with Tony or feel guilty fpr his actions, or maybe Mary is breaking the fourth wall and is asking us for

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