Representation Of Women In Gilgamesh Essay

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In ancient literature women were portrayed in many ways. Today women characters were portrayed correlates and contrast with the ways women were depicted in ancient literature. Often times we hear and see that women are homemakers and normally stay at home and care for the children. In ancient literature women seem to be strong. There are several approaches when it comes to the characterization of women in literature in general. Women have been represented in many ways, some have been deemed stereotypical.
Throughout ancient literature and history the role that women have helped mold and configure both society and culture into what it is today it has greatly impacted the way women are rendered in literature today.
The Epic of Gilgamesh is about the journey of Gilgamesh as he searches to try and acquire immortality. Though he never attains immortality the women that are in the story are a crucial part in the prosperity that he ultimately gains during the period of his journey. In The Epic of Gilgamesh women symbolize wisdom and competence as well as temptation and downfall. Though the women were depicted as being powerful their role also seemed to be small. Throughout this
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Women are strong, ambitious, and independent. These are all characteristics that are associated with many of the women today. The role of women has made great tramps over past eras, as we move closer toward a state of equality. From labels such as, ―Frailty, thy name is woman!‖ females now are productive, confident, members of society. Women now have a powerful voice in the occurrences of today”. He claims that women have definitely evolved as far as who they are viewed today, Many women are seen as mothers, wives, and daughter. There are seen as what they are women and nurturers who can be strong with wisdom instilled in
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