Representation Of Women In Movies

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This research paper is going to focus on how female characters are been represented in the movies and stories. Once there was a time when females were shown as very weak both physically and mentally, helpless and hopeless, less confident, serving only at home, and not allowed to go outside. But the situation is changed and its representation is improving by showing them as heroes of the nation, role model to follow, confident enough to bring peace and prosperity, fight in the war, helpful, and respectable person in the society as a hero or goddess. On the other hand if it is thought twice, then it is not improved at all because through the heroism of female characters they are also been portrayed as an objectification to the people. This paper is also going to relate this idea of representation of female from the readings of Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain and Mahashwati Devi that how women/female were treated then and after that.
Women are always treated as an object in the society from a long period of time. They are not even considered as humans to some people. They are always under-represented by the society, even in the social media for example in the movies and stories. Movies that we watch are portraying women as weak, sensitive and a victim in the society. Very small improvement is seen in the female characters of the movies. This paper is going to focus on the position of the women in the society, how they are been portrayed or represented in the movies and

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