Repressed Memories Essay

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As it is clearly understood, repressed memories are those which have been unconsciously blocked because the memories are associated with a high degree of stress or trauma. These sort of memory can result from a variety of stress level and trauma related experiences. Repressed memories are usually very difficult to monitor as something stressful to an individual may not be stressful to another. As Loftus (1999) put it, “the stressful memory can certainly be resurfaced into consciousness”. As we continue to witness from new medias, repressed memories from child abuse and many other cases have been rose dramatically by those who have suffered from repressed memory. Introduction It was a landmark case on repressed memory in 1990. A 51 year old…show more content…
The murderer was jailed. Based on your readings and assignments, under what circumstances are repressed memories more likely to surface? I think repressed memories are more likely to resurface when a sufferer witnessed or heard stories that are in line with what it is in their memory. In addition, repressed memories can easily be resurfaced when one is daydreaming, or going through other difficult situations at a point in life. The media is also encouraging people to easily remember what had happened in their lives in the past, and when people noticed that abusers can be held accountable, they can easily recall their repressed memories. In your opinion, what are the possible effects of having these memories resurface? In my opinion, I think resurfacing of repressed memories come with both positive and negative effects. For people who are ready to face their repressed memories and the associated emotions will certainly find peace of mind and healing after exposing the situation in the general public. Whereas, those that aren’t ready to face their memories and do not have any copping strategies in place, may become even more depress with significant negative emotions associated with the repressed

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