Reptile Footwear Mission Statement

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This paper will examine the advantages and challenges of establishing a diverse workplace by examining the practices of a fictional shoe company, Reptile Footwear. First, I will discuss the company culture and mission statement and how it reflects diversity. Secondly, I will look at the recruiting process both locally and internationally. Then I will explore the working conditions that encourage and retain diversity. Finally, I will be considering the process of appraisal and assessment to ensure the program is operating as intended and make the necessary adjustments.
Company Culture Two different people will look at the same thing but see it from two completely different perspectives. We all view the world around us from different cultural glasses, glasses that have been tinted not only from the cultures we relate to but also from the experiences of our lives. At Reptile Footwear, we cherish these diverse perspectives, each unique, to add value to the products we produce. With a diverse perspective solutions to challenges can be explored and markets can be discovered. We respect what makes each of us different and encourage an atmosphere where all our employees can excel with opportunities and support. At Reptile, our mission …show more content…

Attracting applicants from all levels of society including the working poor and single parents, recruiting talented workers who are satisfied and motivated has the potential to lead to higher productivity and greater retention (Green, Lopez, Wysocki, Kepner, Farnsworth, & Clark, 2015). The key to our successful Human Resources department is not that we hire a diverse workforce, but that we chose our employees from a diverse pool of representatives of the community. Building a reputation as a diverse inclusive corporation attracts the best from the

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