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First the Republicans write legislation singling out one specific group, educators, to silence. Now they change the rules to limit debate and questions in the House! What are the Republicans afraid of? Is their creditability and integrity so questionable that they feel compelled to silence all potential opposition? But, maybe it is not opposition they fear, but reason! What is going on with the Mississippi Republican Party? Why are they so set on shaping Mississippi in their image? Why does a Republican leader pen legislation that goes against the very Constitution Republicans say they support? Why are they so insistent that only the Republican voice be heard? A state with only one voice is dangerous and borders on tyranny. Perhaps, the people of Mississippi should ask the Republicans if they want to serve the people or rule the people. They might be surprised by the answer, but in light of the actions of some Republicans in Mississippi, their intent seems…show more content…
Republicans want to silence those who challenge them or speak out against them; 3. Republicans hate public schools; 4. Republicans have little respect for educators; 5. Republicans take from the needy (public schools) and give to the well to do’s (private and charter schools); 6. Republicans do not mind throwing deceptions and smokescreens; 7. Republicans claim absolute allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America, yet they orchestrate bills to take away the First Amendment rights of state citizens; and 8. Republicans always have enough money to do the things they want to do. I am not against the Mississippi Republican Party, but with the way they have been handling themselves lately, I find it hard to see how anyone who believes in personal liberties and what is right can stand by them. However, maybe, the Republicans are not guilty of any of the above, and they are simply being vilified by a few out of control bullies. Either way, a once Grand Old Party is not what it once

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