Republican Debate Summary

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Before taking political science, I had a relatively little interest in politics. Since taking the course, however, my understanding, as well as interest in political topics has increased. I have become more aware of political topics, and their bases in history. Previously, I had watched the presidential debates, but only those. Since then I have taken an interest in local elections, alongside presidential primaries. After watching the Republican Debate on October 28, one topic of debate stood out to me. Ted Cruz 's talk about media and politics. It stood out to me as a topic covered in class, and one that, before, I didn 't know much about. During the debate in Denver, Ted Cruz stated. Before taking political science, I wouldn 't have thought anything of this remark, other than a brief acknowledgment that Cruz was correct. After taking the course, I feel as though an exceptionally strong point was…show more content…
After reviewing the transcript of the debate, as well as in class discussion, I have come to the same conclusion that Cruz did. Cruz makes an effort in the debate to attempt some kind of political acumen, and to emphasize that debates should be about debating issues, rather than making a spectacle about politics. I think the point that was brought up in class, that politics has become more of an 'us-vs-them ', or horse race is particularly apt here. In particular, our lectures on national media, as well as the readings further emphasized the point. National media, such that exists today, has made elections more of a 'sports ' type of election. The public backs the candidate that they agree with and believe in. For example, I feel that the rampant Bernie Sanders support will meld away if Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic primary. Very similar to the support for Clinton in 2008. After President Obama won the primary, all of the support for her shifted to support Obama. I think this illustrates that elections are 'advertised ' as a 'my-guy-vs-yours '
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