Republican Opinion Essay

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As a registered republican voter, I feel it is important to write and share my opinion and observations of the recent republican primaries and the recent republican convention. For the first time in my 33 years voting as a republican, this is the first time I have been ashamed and embarrassed to admit my party affiliation, nor have I felt this level of disgust for the Republican Party, particularly what I would refer to as the Establishment, or the current republican congressmen currently in office. At a time when our county needs courageous leadership more than ever, the Republican establishment quickly demonstrated they are not prepared or even equipped to lead this country. The actions of the republican establishment during the recent…show more content…
For the establishment to actively contemplate and strategize an avenue to change convention rules, to take delegation votes away from Donald Trump is an egregious insult to the American public who voted in the primary. The actions of the party, to include those delegates who conspired to turn those votes over to a different candidate, who by the way did not exist, sadly make the Democratic Party appear to they be the party of the American public. Yes, a significant percentage of voters think the Democratic Party is corrupt, however, even contemplating a method to alter or reallocate those votes designated for Donald Trump screams of the parties contempt for the American…show more content…
That is a wait and see question, but the American voters have spoken loudly that they have no confidence in the current career politicians. And yet instead of listening to the American voters, the Republican Party desperately attempted to discredit the desires of the American voters, whom the career politicians were elected to represent and substitute their own desires. Is that anymore corrupt or dishonest than the numerous scandals effecting the country in the past eight years? How anything can be more disingenuous and in-american than engaging in activities, such as we have seen once Donald Trump received the necessary votes to be the candidate, than disregarding the wishes and votes of the American
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