Republican Parties Vs. Democratic Parties

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The Republican and Democratic Parties in the United States have wide differences in their viewpoints and beliefs regarding same-sex marriage and the rights of transgender persons. A Democrat is typically known as being more liberal viewpoints on social issues and social services. A Republican’s beliefs are based more on limited government and having a strong foreign policy. Basically Republicans are seen as “conservative” and Democrats are seen as “liberal”. Two of the most provocative issues in today’s world are the viewpoints and strong beliefs regarding same-sex marriage and transgender people’s rights. These two issues provoke strong feelings in persons of all ethnicities, social status, and religious beliefs. One of the ways we can possibly make sense of these wide barriers that have divided people so much is to examine each political parties’ beliefs.…show more content…
In July 2016, an openly gay member of the Republican Party offered her passionate appeal to acknowledge that Republicans could have diverse opinions on this subject. However her appeal was rejected, although it did signify there may be changes in the Republican Party in the future. A small crack was opened to the possibility of change in the definition of marriage within the Republican Party- But it is a very tiny
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