Republican Party Blame

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Have you ever really studied the nation that surrounds you around you and what is going on in it? Although, many people blame the Republican Party for what is going wrong with our country that is not always true. Democrats have just as much to blame for the way our country is going also. The Democratic party believes in progressive taxation, which is higher tax rates in the economy. The party is based on community and social responsibility; they also believe to cut spending for the military. For more of a controversial topic the Democrats believe that abortion should remain legal due to the court case Roe vs. Wade in 1973. They also believe in universal healthcare such as Medicare and Medicaid, which is the government has a strong involvement…show more content…
The Republican Party has a more conservative belief for the running of the nation. They believe that taxes should not be increased for…show more content…
What causes a recession is inflation. Inflation is a general increase in prices and the fall in the value of money. Falling confidence in the consumer can be a major cause in leading to a recession. Also, manufacturing orders starting to slow down in the economy, this can lead to less money being produced throughout the economy resulting to a loss of jobs. Since this causes a high unemployment rate many of the people will get on a government welfare program to pay for their family and that is even more money being lost in the economy, making the nation fall into a deeper recession. In addition, the economy will not do so great in the near future if the government does not clean up its act and fix the problems that are going on; such as the national debt and how it can be causing a recession in the United States. With the contributing factors of how the taxes should be taken care of, certain healthcare programs draining the little money the government has to offer, government welfare programs not being more supervised by not allowing people to take advantage of it, and lastly not allowing the government to borrow so much money from foreign countries to make our debt rise to the
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