Republican Speech Comparison Essay

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One of the things that I looked for when looking for two speeches to compare and contrast was one speech given by a Republican governor, and another by a Democratic governor. I believe if you were to compare two speeches from the same party they would have been too similar and very little to contrast. The two speeches that I choose were Governor Gary Herbert of Utah and Governor Peter Shumlin of Vermont. One of the biggest things that stood out right away was the focuses of the speech. Gary Herbert the Republican immediately focused on economic issues such as educational funding, He asked his legislators to focus on economic improvement in rural areas, air quality improvement and increasing access to health care. Governor Peter Shumlin the Democrat focuses most of his speech on his legacy and social issues. This is his final term as Governor due to him not seeking reelection so a lot of his speech was discussing his legacy, and what he hopes the next Governor would accomplish. Some of the issues discussed were expand opiate addiction treatment services, paid sick and maternity leave, he also…show more content…
They also both mentioned that even though they were in good shape more could be done to improve many of the different issues mentioned earlier. Both of these speeches were about the same length 6-8 pages, and very well written hitting the main points early and often. Both Governors did an amazing job laying out their agendas and not focusing on issues that didn’t pertain to the state of the state. Some of the common elements in the speeches are the positivity expressed by both governors. They both did a good job showing how much better off their state was, and even Peter Shumlin of Vermont not running for reelection was not afraid to brag up some of the things he passed during his administration. Overall the speeches were very well written, and very enjoyable to
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