Republican Vs Democrats

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The Political Landscape of the United States is dominating by two major political parties’ democrats and Republicans. There are many difference between these two parties. When it comes to the presidential election, voters are sometimes undecided for which candidate they will vote.

The history of the democrats and republican parties. The democratic party can be trace it roots all the way back to Thomas Jefferson when they were known as federalist party and the nationalist view. The republican party can into existing to the civil war due to long-time stance in favor of abolition of slavery in 1860 they became established political party when Abraham Lincoln became president of the United State. (
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Although the two parties might seem to share some common ground, both parties favor tax cut. But they both have different views. Democrats agree to only tax cut middle and low income families. The republicans agree there should be tax cut for everyone of all income levels. The democratic is seen more liberal of the two party especially when it comes to social issues like gay rights, civil rights. The republican they oppose gay right and they also oppose abortion.
Republicans and democrats have very similar organizations and purposes. There are many issues that separate them. Those differences are in the ways parties describe themselves in any other campaign while republican focus on describing what their party did and who they were while democrats focus on explaining on what they oppose. In this present presidential race there many issue that concern many
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