Republicanism In The United States

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The entire idea of republicanism is one that is not easily achieved. Many different countries have tried to implement the ideals of a republic, but only a few have actually achieved a pure republic. The United States today is not a pure republic, it is more of a republic mixed with democratic ideals. American republicanism is a multifaceted political ideology that incited vast differences among the individuals who considered it as the establishment of the United States political framework. It attempted to contain political corruption and greed. Good virtue was absolutely critical for the average man and their representatives, and an ethical citizen was one that disregarded monetary greed and made a promise to oppose and destroy political corruption. Republicanism requires the average citizen to give up their own personal interests in order to promote a common good. A true republic, at its very purest, has elected officials to represent the masses. These officials are elected to be the most accurate representation of the masses of that area. The officials then convene to create legislature that the citizens the officials represent will approve of.

The political pioneers of the 1760s and 1770s firmly concentrated on history and political theory in order to analyze previous government styles and their relative
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It holds ideals from both. Elected officials of a republic, and power of the masses to elect these officials and demand news laws from democracy. The checks and balances was placed over this, to ensure no single official would become too powerful. Much of the legislature we have today also reflects christian ideals and builds upon them. The Ten Commandments, which can be seen as absolute moral standards, are embedded into many of the laws we have set. The country was founded on religious tolerance and freedom, so it only makes sense that these freedoms leak down into the

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