Republican's Party Arguments

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I am a right wing Libertarian which is the Democratic Party. The democratic party was made back in 1792 to combat Republicans who supported Thomas Jefferson. At that time the Democratic party often referred to its own party as “The White man 's Party” because the Republicans at the time mostly lived in the South and favored slavery unlike Democrats.
I Believe as one person that we should have same sex marriage legalized. Saying two people can 't be married based off it being wrong and preachers unwilling to want to wed them based on their religion is ridiculous. Most preachers refuse to wed same sex marriages because it 's against their religion and “Unholy”. IN my opinion that 's pushing their religion on someone else which is
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My view on abortion is simple and to the point. Abortion should be illegal minus under the few circumstances of rape, incest, could harm the mother or child due to whatever reasons, and so on. Other than those reasons clearly stated it should be illegal. You can give a baby up for adoption instead of killing it. My party however believes that it should be legalized all round no questions asked even if they can or can 't afford it. This is unmoral and allows people who are sexually active but with no intent to keep a kid to do what they want with no consequences. Being a unreligious person to me, having a child is a spiritual yet soul bonding experience. That shouldn 't be thrown away by legalizing abortion even when they can 't afford it. My personal view on Gun Control is as simple as the last. Criminals know they can 't just walk into a gun store give them cash and walk away in five minutes. They will buy guns off the black market and illegal arms dealers with their serial numbers scratched off. It 's easier and quicker to do. But now in the common citizens interest it 's incredibly difficult and tiring just to buy a gun for the common law abiding citizen. The democratic party believes that there should be even further restrictions on gun control. I am entirely
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