Reputation In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

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There are many themes displayed throughout The Crucible, during different circumstances, as well as who the character is and what they are doing. However, one of the most important things displayed in the crucible is the character 's concern about their reputation, and what they will do to maintain it. Reputation is something that is a huge part of society in the town of Salem, Massachusetts, and who a person is, and their rank in society. There are many example of characters concerned about their reputations in the town, for selfish reasons, and most lie so they do not lose the reputation that they hold dearly to their heart. Reputations is something that the characters are very concerned with, as well as the honor and respect upon their names, and will do anything to preserve it, including lies, denial of witchery and satanic worship, and false accusations. The name and the reputation of a character plays a major role in how a person will act. A surprising and important example of this is Reverend Parris, who is the priest of the town, and he is someone who would do anything to keep his family name and respect in the town of Salem, Massachusetts. He is the priest in the church, and he believes that there are people who would like for him not to be the leader of the church, and are trying to get rid of him from the church. When his daughter and niece are accused of doing witchcraft and being taken by the devil, he demands that no one tell the town, so he can maintain his
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