Reputation In Coleridge's Poetry

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The meaning of reputation (differs from country, to country, from one economic status to the other, and from one person’s perspective and understanding of the word to the other. A person’s reputation in a vast planned by how high up the hierarchy of he/she is. While reputation of the organization itself is apparent, by how old the company is the income. Reputation in my country is slow) by wealth and good connections. Instead of an increase in respect with a higher reputation, the interaction of the individuals becomes more difficult and political. Which I believe is necessary. Taking an example of a person, (continuously working hard to achieve recognition and,…show more content…
All these are related to his famous. Also, there are (many of his poems are fully by imaginative flights. wherein the speaker throw out his direct surroundings, exchanging them for new and completely untrue experience. His reputation come from his using the imagination in this way is both empowering and surprising because, it encourages) a total and complete disrespect for the confines of time and place. Furthermore, the power of imagination transforms into a perfectly nice mark. ( Cleopatra’ (narrated by Trevor Fear)…show more content…
Many (of his poems, openly address a single figure the speaker’s wife, son, friend, and so on who listen without a sound to the simple, simple language of the speaker. Although he sometimes wrote, in blank poetry. he modified this metrical form to go with a more informal rhythm. Both Wordsworth and Coleridge supposed that everyday language and speech rhythms, would help expand poetry’s audience to include the middle and lower classes, who might) have put off by the form and happy of neoclassicists, such as Alexander Pope, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, and John Dryden. ( Cleopatra’ (narrated by Trevor Fear)

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