Requiem For A Dream Analysis

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Portrayal of drugs and addiction in Requiem for a Dream
In Requiem for a Dream, Harry Goldfarb who is the main character is portrayed as a heavy user of drugs. Goldfarb is addicted to heroin and other substances that can be injected into the veins. The film opens with a sign of Goldfarb’s addiction as he steals his mother’s television set in order to pawn for cash for purchase of drugs, which she later re-purchases and the cycle continues. Harry is evidently failing to play his social role as a son to get high. He develops preoccupation with drugs to the extent that it leads him to start purchasing and selling dope as a way of getting high and making money, rejecting conventional society. The film portrays various theories or models regarding
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The sun tends to be clouded by rain clouds, with reality setting in, and they are both brought down to earth from the sky. In order to survive, they need to make shameful compromises. Shelter and food does not come free, with drugs now being a necessity and not just a passing pleasure. Gone is the ecstasy of life and the wonder of youth. In hell, love is destroyed by the lovers’ constant cravings for drugs, with madness setting in and love turning to hate, and everything that used to be beautiful ultimately becoming…show more content…
In Requiem for a Dream, drug addiction is portrayed very accurately. Many sources romanticize the use of drugs and this film did not. it depicts the harsh realities about drug addiction as well as the way drugs destroy lives and relationships. It accurately portrays the symptoms and signs as well as the progressive course of substance abuse and the disorder, even though it does not provide a direct answer as to how, why, and when Harry and his peers were introduced to substances in the first place. The movie picks up when the main character, Harry, is already heavily abusing a number of drugs. It does not provide a clear-cut rationale as to why Harry continues to use substances, but one is able to infer why through an analysis of the relationships and settings within the

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